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Assembled in the USA, our pressure washers are second to none when it comes to quality. Our open design makes maintenance a snap. Hot, cold, gas, diesel, or electric, Pressure-Pro washers are available for home, commercial, and industrial applications. Need a spare hose? A replacement pump? We carry a variety of name brand replacement parts and accessories from General Pump, AR Pump, Cat Pump, Whisper Wash, and more!

Whitco Cleaning Systems, formerly Whitco Inc, was founded in 1978 in Northwest Arkansas by the Whitmire Brothers, Gale, Dwayne, Steve and Kenneth, along with their father, Paul. Housed in a 5000 square foot manufacturing facility, their first production item was the Model 160 Oil Fired Portable Space Heater. In January of 1979, the Whitmires used their entrepreneurial skills to design and produce high quality pressure washers for a company located in Portland, OR. Later that year, Whitco introduced three branded hot pressure washers and one steam combination machine. Over the years Whitco progressed into one of the leading manufacturers of high quality industrial cleaning systems boasting a product line of more than 100 models as well as numerous special designs for consumer applications.

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