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We are a full line service dealer. Feel free to click on any of the companies below to browse their products and contacts us with questions or requests!

SUPERCOAT Liquid Flooring is the professional's choice for coating concrete and wood floors in hundreds of different applications: Garages, Basements, Dog Runs, Porches, Utility Rooms, Storm Shelters… The list goes on and on!

Unlike latex paint, SUPERCOAT is a 100% pure epoxy. This means it is tough and durable enough for the harshest of conditions. Plus, SUPERCOAT is the only coating to feature "WET Chemistry" (Waterborne Epoxy Technology), which actually allows the coating to "breathe", thereby eliminating blisters that eventually cause chipping and peeling.

To enhance your SUPERCOAT floor, we also stock a variety of clear Glaze Coats that protect the decorative flakes and add to the lustre of your new floor. Click here for more information.

Polymax specializes in the manufacture of epoxy self-leveling, broadcast, trowel and slurry floor systems, flexible epoxy joint filler and membranes, chemical resistant urethane topcoats, decorative residential coatings and breathable concrete coatings. Polymax floors are beautiful, decorative and light reflective, as well as functional. The PolyMax line of industrial floor coatings can be tailored to meet almost every need in abrasion/impact resistance, chemical resistance and surface finish.

    Why PolyMax?
  • Abrasion / Impact resistant
  • Restores / Protects concrete
  • Chemical resistant surface

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